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I’m a native of Austin, TX…South Austin to be more specific!  I started doing henna professionally in 1997, then began teaching poi (fire dancing) in 1998.  I added hula hoop instruction in 2006 & that is my current obsession.  I love to teach beginners, but I can help anyone with their flow.  I will help you to express yourself through art or through motion...or both!

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Being adorned with henna is joyful but also meditative, it teaches you to appreciate the beauty & impermanence in life…to enjoy the moment.  It can also be used for silly fun.



This area includes hooping & poi (fire spinning).  One flow art often leads to another, so I'm always learning new props.  I also currently play with flags & staff, plus long & short-string flow wands. 



This is a new exploration for me, utilizing my skills in henna to create art. Currently I'm using real henna to stain wood & applying acrylics on mixed media backgrounds.