“flow” is the mental state of operation in which the person is fully immersed in what he or she is doing by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, & success in the process of the activity…(according to wikipedia)


Flow Classes

I love to teach all of the flow arts! They offer joyful movements that are also excellent for exercise, mobility, balance, coordination, relaxation & brain patterning. Classes are fully customizable...you can choose a singular prop to focus on or we can go back & forth between props as desired. You can come by yourself or set up something for a group. I have a large indoor studio or we can go outside when the weather is good.  

A private class (1hr) is $30 or purchase a series of 3 classes for $75. Bring a friend (or a group!) & the class drops to $20/person. Longer "workshop" classes are a great way to learn a lot in a short period of time. Private workshops are $50 (2hrs) or $70 (3hrs), for 2 or more students that drops to $40/person (2hrs) or $60/person (3hrs). An adult can join in on any of the classes or workshops for free if the student is 12 or under. 

The first lesson is free if you purchase a custom beginner hoop & the average cost is $45-50. This is a great choice for groups...you will have friends to practice with if everyone gets their own hoop! I can travel to you at no extra cost for groups of 5 or more if you're in the Austin area. Contact me if you need me to travel further.

I schedule appointments almost any day or time with enough notice. Please contact me when you're ready to set something up or if you have any questions!  



Hooping will change your life. It puts you right with gravity & shows you how to move fluidly with physics. I can teach anyone to hoop! Modern day hoops are handmade & are usually larger & heavier, making it much easier to be successful quickly. I can correct your form & help you flow better, even if you already have skills.

There are many varied weights & sizes of hoops, each one with a different skill set & range of benefits. I'm here to help you figure out which one/ones are best for you at this moment.



When I first started spinning in 1998 we called it fire dancing. Over time, poi became the accepted term for spinning something weighted on the end of a cord or chain.  

I teach poi like a martial art, starting with the basic planes & natural flow. I will teach you how to teach yourself, how to figure out new moves on your own. I believe it's important to start with a good foundation, a deeper understanding of how everything connects and flows together. I want your own style to develop!


Hennakim's Gyrohoops

These props deserve their own section! They are beautiful, meditative & intriguing...like science & magic in your hands!!  I didn't invent the gyrohoop, but I have been working to perfect many variations since summer 2017. I put a lot of love & care into each one to make sure they have a perfect flow & balance. You can see examples in the flow arts gallery & also on my Instagram page. 

The beauty of the gyrohoop is that anyone can have fun with it...with absolutely no instruction! I plan to set up an Etsy page soon, but for now please contact me directly for more information or for purchase. Gyrohoops are easily shipped, start your exploration today!