The ancient art of henna

Being adorned with henna is joyful but also meditative, it teaches you to appreciate the beauty & impermanence in life…to enjoy the moment!  

I have been practicing mehndi, the art of applying henna, since 1997.  I discovered my love of this art on a visit to NYC & have since experienced a depth to it that I never could have imagined. 

My goal with each client is to channel what you are trying to convey, to help you express yourself!  I will create something personal, even if we are working from a photo of art that you love.  I have many designs to use for inspiration, but all my work is freehand & is custom drawn after conversations with you.

I make my paste every week using high quality organic henna powder & other natural ingredients.  Every artist practicing authentic henna has their own unique recipe…I use fresh lime juice, eucalyptus or cajeput oil, lavender oil,  tamarind paste, fenugreek seeds, black tea, sugar & filtered water. 

I bandage my henna designs which allows the paste to stay on longer & to hold in more heat.  Henna paste generally needs to stay on the body for at least 8-10 hours to get the best color possible & it loves the heat. It begins staining immediately & the longer you leave it the darker it can be.

 Please contact me to set up an appointment!